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THL W11 on the 17th of the first limited edition 5000 Offer

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    This year the popular Hd autodyne ,which also led to the product front camera manufacturers a new round of upgrades, from pre – 5.0 MP to 8.0 MP, this process is very short, but the world’s first front-facing 8.0 MP phone soon, now use 13.0 MP front-facing camera model is introduced, it was some time ago has been officially released by the THL W11. The front-facing physical pixel 13.0 MP phone officially opened the first sale, priced at $259.99.

    THL W11 the following more attention by people, the first should be the machine photo specifications, equipped with double 13.0 MP camera back according to type, before and after the front camera USES F2.4 aperture, support is taking pictures, voice control shutter and mirror opposed, face lock, and other functions;

    Followed by the phone called the top with the hardware specifications, THL W11 carry the 1.5 GHz MTK6589T quad-core processors, with 2 g RAM + 32 gb ROM memory became the highest in the MTK platform combination collocation, besides THL W9 and THL W11 is equipped with a 5.0 -inch IPS screen, use full 1080 p hd resolution, OGS joint touch screen technology. Depth customization system based on android jelly beans OS2.0, standard 2000 ma of the battery, and can support WCDMA/GSM double card double stay.

    Appearance should also is one of the highlight of this phone, THL W11 adopts popular hale straight design style, USES the unibody design, to have a black before can choose white, white and grey version. Friends of the machine may be interested to look at the ThL official website.

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