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Software updates for DG700

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    Warning / Advertencia.
    DOOGEE shall not take any responsibility for phones that are updated not through OTA as we can not control the installation process. If a user downloads any of these firmwares and updates a phone not through OTA, shall any problem occur, it is the user’s sole responsibility.


    For updates and access to tools, follow the following link.

    Remember that this tools are for professionals, do not attempt to update your phone on your own if you do not have previous experience in doing so, as you may damage your phone.
    Titans2 DG700
    Build number´╝ÜDG700 14-12-17 d28a-dg-a28-qhd-w850-w1900-w2100-emmc-64g8g_DOOGEE-Titans2-DG700-Android4.4_2014_12_16
    Update Content:
    1, Fix the screen splashing
    2, Upgrade the fast charging function


Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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