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Safe Rooting

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    Please help me.

    What should I do for safe rooting?



    General rule of thumb, if you’re not sure, dont root it or have someone else root it for you. Also, each Android device has a different process. You may want to share with us what device you have so we can point you to the right direction.



    I can help you root your phone as I have 5 phone which I root myself. ;)
    What phone do you have?



    As I said before, there is no such thing as ‘safe rooting’. Rooting has its own risks, but they are minimal if you respect the instructions. Also, be careful to flash the right files every time. Tell me your phone model and maybe I can help you.



    If you have to ask that question have somebody else do it for you. You might end up bricking the device otherwise, meaning that it will basically be useless.



    Rooting is at your own risk. There is no way to root safely.



    There is no true way to do a safe root, good luck!



    Rooting is always dangerous in my opinion and you should have a really good reason to root your device or have someone experienced to help you get your device rooted. Trust me you do not want to lose your expensive android phone for nothing.



    Yeah, I think you should provide us with some more information before you go ahead and potentially brick your phone. What do you want to root it for? Perhaps there’s a way to accomplish a similar outcome without taking as many risks with your phone.



    Yes, rooting is to install google play. Nothing else. Go to App search or Baidu search and look for your app. Many Thousands there. Only thing it is in Chinese language. Just look at the picture or the icon and the app is there.

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