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    Prof Calculator Free
    Prof Calculator is an easy natural display scientific calculator with equation & matrices calculators and unit converter.

    Prof Calculator is a fraction calculator.

    Prof Calculator allows user to choose how result is displayed (Decimal OR Fraction).
    Prof Calculator allows user to display result in Degrees, Minutes and Seconds.

    Prof Calculator allows user to store up to 12 results in 12 store units.

    Prof Calculator can calculate Quadratic and Cubic (Full Version Only) equations.
    Prof Calculator can calculate two equations two unknowns.
    Prof Calculator can calculate three equations three unknowns (Full Version Only).

    Matrices calculator can add, subtract, and multiply (Full Version Only) matrices.

    Prof Converter (Demo) includes:
    – Length converter
    – Area converter
    – Volume converter
    – Weight converter
    – Time converter
    – Speed converter
    – Temperature converter
    – Data size converter
    Link to Download:
    [IMG]–E=h310[/IMG] [IMG][/IMG]

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