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Price Announced for International Versions of OnePlus Smartphone

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    OnePlus has just announced their first new product, and it will simultaneously enter the overseas market. So how much will the OnePlus smartphone sell overseas? Today, we will break it down for you.

    OnePlus smartphone

    The OnePlus smartphone comes in 16 GB and 64GB storage models, and officially sold in China for CNY$1,999.99 (USD$320) and CNY$2,299.99 (USD$368) respectively.

    The prices for the international versions are as follows (price of 16GB model listed first, followed by price of 64GB model):

    United States:
    USD$299 (CNY$1,865), USD$349 (CNY$2,180)

    EUR$269 (CNY$1,865/USD$299), EUR$299 (CNY$2,580/USD$413)

    GBP$229 (CNY$2,400/USD$384), GBP$269 (CNY$2,815/USD$451)

    SEK$2,499 (CNY$2,370/USD$380), SEK$2,849 (CNY$2,700/USD$432)

    DKK$2,099 (CNY$2,425/USD$388), DKK$2,399 (CNY$2,770/USD$444)

    TWD$9,999 (CNY$2,055/USD$329), TWD$11,599 (CNY$2,385/USD$382)

    Hong Kong:
    HKD$2,599 (CNY$2,090/USD$335), HKD$2,999 (CNY$2,410/USD$386)

    From the price breakdown the OnePlus smartphone is priced the lowest in the United States, even lower than China. Even after applying tax, prices will only be similar compared to China. The prices are only a fair bit higher in other countries, with the most expensive being Sweden and Denmark in Northern European regions.

    OnePlus smartphone

    As for the local distribution method, OnePlus borrows Appleā€™s sales plan, selling their device through queues and cash only. An invitational sale method is being used overseas, similar to using forum invitation codes.


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