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    PiPO is ready to unfold their next big line-up of Tablet-PC starting to their new 9.4″ Tablet, the PiPO Max-M8 DualCore 9.4″ HD-IPS +3G Tablet. Only one particular brand has release a 9.4″ Tablet before and that’s no other than Sony, and PiPO is following their footstep by using the very same 9.4″ HD-IPS Capacitive Multi-Touch Screen LED Display Panel that Sony has used on their Xperia S Tablet-PC. There should be minimal to NO difference at all on the screen if you both looking at Sony Xperia S Tablet and PiPO Max-M8 Tablet except for the Shell Design. In-fact, PiPO has made it better than Sony did to their Xperia S Tablet which measures around 12mm on the thickest part while 8.9mm on thinnest part. Sony Xperia S Tablet still have an advantage here because of Nvidia’s Tegra3 QuadCore Chipset, performance would be far better than PiPO Max-M8 which only have a DualCore RockChip RK3066 Chipset. However, price is almost twice than the expected retail price of the PiPO Max-M8 which makes it even.

    One big advantage of PiPO Max-M8 here is the built-in 3G connectivity which Sony Xperia S Tablet lacks. No more hassle finding for a good Wi-Fi Hotspots, just turn-on your 3G connection and check your emails, manage your Social Media accounts anywhere and anytime. The 3G modem widely supports variety of networks world-wide except for some states/country in US and EU which PiPO Max-M2 users had hard time configuring their modem to support their network providers. If you ask if its support Phone Function, the answer is NO.

    The Non-3G Version of PiPO Max-M8 is already available at an Online Store based in Shenzhen China for US$238.99 including a world-wide free shipping.

    As mentioned above, PiPO Max-M8 is using Sony LED Display Panel with an HD resolution of 1280x800pixel while having the IPS Screen Technology that boost the Screen’s image quality and vividness. Viewing angle is also wider than a regular Display, so viewing the Tablet on every angle should help reduce image colour or contrast distortion. I believe PiPO is using FlexiGlass screen and should be able to resist scratch from everyday usage. This kind of Glass screen doesn’t protect the screen from breaking as it doesn’t have the same toughness of a Gorilla Glass screen. Anyway, just put extra precaution not dropping your Tablet or sitting on top of it and it should be fine.

    On the middle-top of the screen bezel, you’ll find the 2.0MP Front Facing Camera that can be use on capturing your own photos or as a webcam when doing Video Calls. You will also find a dot near the Camera, it is the Light Sensor which manage the Tablet’s screen brightness automatically responding to environment’s light availability. The front Stereo Speakers placed on each side of the top-screen bezel. PiPO has made great improvement on their Stereo Speakers starting on their Max-M3 and Max-M2, This PiPO Max-M8 should also provide excellent sound quality and clarity. On the top-right side corner is the main Power/Sleep Button, while the 3.5mm HeadPhone/Earphone port is placed on the other side.

    The back is made of a combination of Plastic and Metal material (maybe magnesium-aloy) and it seems not coated which is great. I am no fan of coated metal or aluminium shell material as its fills itself of scratches in due time. A combination of Plastic and Metal is also good preventing any Wi-Fi connectivity issue like most full-metal shell material Tablet had when the metal shell material is blocking extra amount of signal from reaching the Wi-Fi antenna inside the Tablet. The design is very plain and simple, small PiPO branding on the bottom and tiny interface ports marking on the top. Another improvement we are seeing here is the 5.0MP Rear Facing camera with LED Flash and Auto-Zoom function, something that is missing on older PiPO Tablets. The Camera is supposed to capture full-HD photos and videos and the LED flash will definitely help improve captured photos and videos on dark room or during at night.

    PiPO has also made improvement on overall looks and external build quality of this product, Max-M8 only measures around 9mm in thickness (around 1mm thicker than Sony Xperia S Tablet’s thinnest part). I actually like the way the Tablet edges is made, very elegant yet looks so sturdy. On the top is where the complete availability of Interface ports is located. Here you have an expansion storage slot that supports 32GB of microSDCard, two microUSB port with Host function, a miniHDMI port with full-HD display out. 2.5mm Wall Charger port and the tiny MIC hole. ESC and Menu keys are placed as well on the top.

    If there’s one thing that most of us want to know more is the Battery Life of this Tablet. It has a battery capacity of 6500mAh 3.7V which is 500mAh larger than Sony Xperia S Tablet, it may be good to hear but the fact we would like to know is how power efficient PiPO made this product. 6500mAh seems to be quite small if we compare to other China MID Tablets like for example Ainol Novo10 Hero which has huge 8000mAh 3.7V battery capacity. Hopefully it could offer full 6-hours of Internet usage either via Wi-Fi or 3G connection, or 6-hours of Heavy 3D Gaming.

    Additional Info
    ● Display: 9.4″, 1280*800 IPS (16:10)
    ● Touch Panel: Capacitive muliti-touch
    ● CPU: Rockchip 3066 Cortex A9,1.6GHz,Dual-core CPU+Quad-core GPU
    ● RAM: 1GB DDR3
    ● Operation System: Android 4.1
    ● Camera: Front 2M, back 5M auto zoom, can scan QR code
    ● WiFi: 802.11/b/g/n
    ● Internal 3G built-in: Optional (data only)
    ● External 3G support: Yes
    ● Bluetooth 2.1+EDR: Optional
    ● Sensors: G-sensor, Gyro sensor, light sensor
    ● E-compass
    ● Speakers: dual front speakers
    ● Others: Micro SD slot, mic, , mini HDMI output
    ● Multimedia:Audio, Video(1080P), Photo,ebook,game, email, internet…
    ● Battery capacity: 3250mAh by 7.4V (equal to 6500mAh by 3.7V)
    ● Housing material: plastic+ metal back



    how about pipo m8pro?



    A top quality tablet. It has a top quality screen. It has a very fast prossecor that makes it very ease to use it everyday. :angel:

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