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Nexus 7

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    Is a Nexus 7 worth buying right now? With all the new devices being released I think it would be better to wait, but then again there’s the fact that many people say that it will be future proof for a while considering its price. What do you guys think?



    Nexus 7 is on of the best android tablets for it’s price. Think about it… It have 4 cores… The only problem is that is have a 7 inch screen but it’s still very good…



    It looks really cool. I was looking at it a couple months ago online when I found out about it. Should be really nice with Google Play integration. Looks to be a all around fun filled tablet.



    Its got to be one of the best android phones out there. The 7 inch screen is good and the Google Play integration is very nice aswell.



    Nexus 7 is already good now but I think giving it a few months might help you do more research and maybe hold out for features that are forthcoming. In terms of features and power it’s very good in relation to its price. It would also greatly depend on the specific purpose for which you want a device of this type. Obviously surfing does not require a lot of power.



    I have heard a lot of people really like the Nexus 7, which offers a fast processor. I don’t really know the exact price for Nexus 7, but it is worth buying because it is not as expensive as the IPads. Nexus 7 also has better features than the latest IPad and IPad Mini.



    I have the Nexus 7 2013, it is really a good tablet, nice screen and very fast! maybe one of the best 7″ tablets out.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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