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Mobileuncle MTK tools

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    Mobileuncle MTK tools is very useful program for reaching engineering mode and various settings on phones with MTK chipset. It is free and downloadable from google play store. Even the screenshots are in Chinese on the market, the tool is mostly English with some Chinese parts.

    1 display device info
    2 information of device and running status
    3 easy open engineer mode and MTK engineer mode
    4 backup IMEI for MTK mobile
    5 recovery online update
    6 easy update tool via sdcard
    7 Enable USB Mass Storage Device,connect cable first
    8 crack operator GPRS lock for MTK
    9 free the network access limited via GPRS
    10 power GPS search
    11 Power the gps search satellite ability
    12 enable AP
    13 easy reboot to recovery

    Download from google play store



    please help me and give me a guide how to recover my mtk6517 which is bricked on android logo.Idownloaded mobileuncle on mobogenie but how do i use recovery when i cannot open the app.Also my pc now doesn`t connect to my phone because it says that it doesn`t have a MTKXXbootloader

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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