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Jiayu F1 Promotion: Coupon + free leather case

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    Now it’s time to our week promotion, this week our promotion product is Jiayu F1, why do we choose this product?

    Watch full hands on video for your reference:


    First, we are one of Jiayu best business partners, and we have stable stock and price advantages. So when our forum users order from us, they will not only get $2 coupon, but a free leather case amount to $7.99, and our final price of [size=medium]Jiayu F1 Black[/size] has changed from $75.99 to [size=medium]$73.99[/size], and [size=medium]jiayu F1 white[/size] from $79.99 to [size=medium]$77.99[/size]. Coupon code is [size=medium]jiayuf1[/size], Coupon is $2, adding to the [size=medium]leather case[/size] for Jiayu F1, you will save $10 than before.
    Second, jiayu F1 is the most competitive android smartphone now, it has been made reviews from many famous website like gizchina, gizmochina and so on. We can clearly witness it’s popularity among different users around the world. In addition, its performance give us best impression at such favorable price, like 4inch TFT Screen , and dual core processor, and 2400mAh battery and so on, especially antutu benchmark test score is over 100,000 points, it’s much more amazing compared with other dual core smartphones. Therefore, its quality is really attractive to all of you!
    Third, please don’t forget to use coupon, and coupon code is jiayuf1 on 1949deal, BTW, the promotion time is April 9 to April 19. Never miss it, if you are interested in it!


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