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JiaYu pricing for thick and thin JiaYu G4 plus quad-core G3!

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    JiaYu have finally made an announcement on pricing for the quad-core JiaYu G4 and updated MT6589 version of the G3.

    Although the full specification for the JiaYu G4 Premium and Youth have been known for months, JiaYu have been coy with the pricing details with just hints that the phones will start at around the 999 Yuan ($160) mark for Chinese customers.

    JiaYu have announced today that pricing will in fact start at a slightly lower 949 Yuan ($152) for the 1GB Youth model with 1850mAh battery, rising to 999 Yuan ($160) for the 10mm thick model with larger 3000mAh battery.

    The quad-core JiaYu G3 which will go on sale mid April and offers very similar features to the Youth G4 will cost just 839 Yuan ($135).

    Those of you who are after the Premium 2GB RAM version of the JiaYu G4 are going to have to wait a little longer for price details. We also will have to wait and see what international resellers are going to be charging for the new G4 and G3 phones.


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