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Huawei AM08 Bluetooth Speaker Review

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    Bluetooth speakers’ market is getting crowded as a lot of different manufacturers produce them. Huawei is one of them and they have a one tiny device at affordable price. Stay tuned for a full review.

    Thanks to Pandawill for sending Huawei AM08 Bluetooth speaker for a review.

    Huawei AM08 Bluetooth Speaker Review: VIDEO

    Huawei AM08 Bluetooth Speaker Review: DESIGN

    First of all, the Huawei Bluetooth speaker is very compact and lightweight and it has only one speaker, which is capable of producing 1.8W of sound output.
    It’s made of quality glossy plastic, which is, however, prone to fingerprints. The speaker sports rather unusual design. The bottom part is dedicated for audio and the top part has a nice pulsing light and the controls.
    The power on/off switch is on the bottom and all the usual set of  controls are on the top, which are embedded in the touchpad. It’s a nice and convenient idea but I found the volume up button to be irresponsive quite a few times and that is disappointing.
    There is a Bluetooth key in the middle, which also doubles as answer call or play/pause button. Speaking of hands-free operation, the call quality is just mediocre as my voice was not very clear to the people on the other end.
    Overall, the design is great and build quality is very good.

    Huawei AM08 Bluetooth Speaker Review: SOUND QUALITY

    When it comes to the sound quality, it is definitely good for the size of the speaker yet not the best I’ve heard in this price range. Also, only 1.8W of sound output means that it is definitely not the loudest Bluetooth speaker on the market.

    Huawei AM08 Bluetooth Speaker Review: CONCLUSIONS

    The Huawei Bluetooth speaker is a good quality product, which sports a great design along with a good build quality and good sound quality. Also, some extras like a pulsing light and capacitive touchpad are nice additions in the price range of under $30.
    However, I was disappointed that the volume up button is not responsive, the call quality is just mediocre. In addition, there are quite a few options in this price range that have at least 5W of sound output.
    As far as battery, I could get just about 4 hours, which is good but not great.
    Finally, the Huawei AM08 Bluetooth speaker is not a bad device as it offers quite a lot of functionality but you may also want to check out what the competition has to offer in this price range.


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