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How to Download Apps for Your Android Device with Moborobo?

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    Various of applications and games are available on Moborobo, with which you will be able to download your favorite app to your phone through PC network. It will save you more data traffic for other purposes. 

    App download steps:

    1. Open Moborobo program.

    2. Connect your Android Device to your computer through a USB cord. Moborobo should recognize your device in a few seconds.

    3. Select “Apps“, a new window will come up. 

    4. Click on an Apps source site on the left side bar.

    5.  Select the app you want to download, then click on “Install” to start the download process (We’re going to take MoboMarket for an instance in this tutorial).

    6. If you want to learn more about MoboMarket, you can click on the thumbnail to have more details.


    7. You can check the download process in the Task List. 

    8. The app will be automatically installed after downloading.

    9.  You will find the downloaded app in “App Library” and installed app in “User Apps”.


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