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[HELP] Goophone i5s PLS HELP!

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    One day ago i received my brand new goophone i5s.
    But i’ve got a problem with it.
    Let me explain it:
    I enterd my SIM card and started the GP(Goophone) Everything worked. But when i power off my GP and start it again. He asks to the pin code of my Simcard i enter the pincode en he said unlocking simcard. When he is done he still hang on the pincode screen. On top stays: Enter pincode. But i’ve already unlocked it so i press my pin code again and press the enter button but that’s do nothing.

    When i start whitout the sim card everything works so i reset my phone to factory reset. I turn it off enter the simcard and everyting works :D but when i power off my phone and start it up again i’ve got this problem again. And i can’t go to factory reset every time.


    Info about my GP:
    -Goophone- i 5s – 4″-1.2GHz QUAD CORE CPU-1GB RAM-3G -A/GPS WiFi Smartphone!
    -MTK6589 1.2GHz QUAD CORE
    -Dual simcard in back.



    You should remove the prompt for entering sim card pin at start up. If you want the additional security I would suggest you set a phone lock password or screen pattern. Just find the option to remove sim card pin verification and your problem will be solved.



    If Rohan’s method doesn’t work, then you might as well just flash it. But seek professional people who can get this work done for you, you wouldn’t want to brick it from now on, right?

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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