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    A cool new app ringtext messenger
    ★★★ Introducing ringtext messenger★★★
    [IMG][/IMG] [IMG][/IMG]

    ringtext messenger uses your CLI and “Missed Calls” to send predefined messages, free of charge and fast. Unlike similar messenger Apps (Whatsapp, WeChat, Viber etc.), ringtext users don’t need WIFI or 3G/4G mobile Internet to exchange messages. Missed Calls are Worldwide totally free of all charges! Just Go ringtext to Avoid (International) Data Roaming Charges.
    STEP 1 Your CLI (Caller ID) must be switched ON
    STEP 2 register (just your email address for password recovery) within 10 seconds
    STEP 3 invite friends or add other ringtext users from “CONTACTS” and they will show up in “CONNECTIONS”. The invite/accept process could take 2 mins before contacts become black (synchronized) after being greyed out. If connected with other ringtext users, just “tab” on the contact to start instant chat, or “tab and hold” to choose from the predefined ringtext messages, and send them with a Missed Call. If a contact shows “unavailable”, instant chat is not possible. Just “tab” the “Send message” button and Go!
    – actions, such as add, delete and save the predefined messages are activated with a “tab and hold”.
    – to send and recieve ringtext has to be installed and registered to work.
    – ringtext will NOT work on Tablets without Calling Facility.
    – very small App size (1.25MB)
    – download and/or use this App = 100% free, no charge (direct or hidden), no pop-up ads
    – ringtext is certified by to provide safe experience for users
    – benefits are huge for kids without mobile data, backpackers out of data coverage, as well as international business travellers seeking to avoid roaming costs.
    John starts to Call Rohan and quickly disconnects the call just after hearing the first ring tone to avoid (setup or call) costs. Rohan will notice this as a “missed call” from John, but understands his “free message”. This is commonly used by millions of people as a way of communicating pre-agreed messages for free, because a missed call (unanswered call) is totally free of charges. In ringtext we use this missed call technique and made it look as visible messages. You get 100 customisable messages specific for offline use and exchange these messages all over the world with a 100% free missed call. When ringtext users reply, receivers get the message in the same conversation screen.
    We think that If Your App Isn’t Free, Another One Will Be. We developed ringtext messenger for testing our missed call exchange technique in other industries, and could make some money there. The missed Call technology is old, but not old fashioned. We still learn everyday from using it. There are lots of applications (yes we have more Apps pending) and our test-users liked it very much and asked us to make ringtext publicly available for daily use. We accepted the challenge, made a cool blue interface, and here it is. There is no charge, direct or hidden, to download or use this App. The App does not install any spy-ware or ad-ware along with it. It does not populate user’s screen with pop-up ads. We know the App’s benefits are huge for many audiences, including kids without mobile data, backpackers (out of data coverage), as well as international business travellers seeking to avoid roaming costs
    Link to Google Play Store:

    Requirements: Android 2.3 and up.
    Available for Android.
    I recommend you to download this awesome and communication app.

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