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    A cool new game Spartan Run Woman
    ★★★ Introducing Spartan Run Woman ★★★
    [IMG]https://lh6.ggpht.com/G7c-Yzp3xW82G1Bf31_NzVXe1gQF9Q1PHPG9zfwLJa78_Iv9PRPS9mxL-kbDRgX8cxg=h900[/IMG] [IMG]https://lh5.ggpht.com/inFhASSHA7noJ79gT6Y8tpbmPWwaeFOVwxsBylNqxt8UUM1F8VbCKDyCKOZL9KR9WA=h900[/IMG]
    Do you love run games? Do you feel relaxed by virtually playing run game at your fingertips? Have you ever enjoyed arcade game like famous temple-castle run game? If yes, we can bait, this run game Spartan Run Woman will keep you super amazed on your android device.
    The game opens on the running track of ancient Sparta; Spartan women were known for their superior physical ability, reflex, and intellect. To enjoy this endless run game you can select any one character Hector and Vector, and start playing the game. Once you have selected one, then you have to help the super woman to finish her run game and to collect gold coins to accumulate point for getting power ups to complete her run with better agility.
    How to play the game?
    It is simple-to-play a run game and its game plan is interesting too! You have to help the runner Spartan woman by making her jumping, hopping, gliding, and sometime sliding on the running track to avoid the obstacles. You have to tap on the screen to keep the Spartan woman alive on run; you can help her in changing her running track simply by tilting the device.
    Features of the game:
    Before you hit the download button, check the cool features of Spartan Run Woman so that you can get to know beforehand the plethora of excitement you will enjoy by playing it :
    • Colorful and attractive user interface: but it is easy to navigate and under to understand!
    • Stimulating soundtrack at the background will keep your stamina level up,
    • There is interesting and mind grabbing sound on each movement of the runners: however you can off/on the music/sound according to personal discretion.
    • You select from two running characters: Hector and Vector.
    • You may share the game on social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter,
    • You can purchase power ups or you may collect virtual coins on the running track in order to get more score, more running ability,
    Download the endless run game now and start playing it on your android device! You can ask your kid also to play the game! It is absolutely violence free and it will help them to improve their reflex and motor skill.
    Link to google play: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.Devapps.SpartanRunWomen

    Requires Android: 2.3 and up
    I recommend you to download this new and awesome game.

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