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    Introducing a cool game Mine Clicker
    [IMG][/IMG] [IMG][/IMG]
    Are you tired of games where you actually do stuff? We’ve got you covered! Now you can have a game that plays itself – and it’s FREE! Make it rain! Just start clicking and after some time it will be clicking for you! And there is more! For clicks that you will get – you can buy new, even better self clicking forces! That is amazing!
    No more hard work, no more puzzles, no more effort: discover the true power of passive income! Become the richest person in the Universe by being Super Lazy Sloth! Isn’t it something you’ve always wanted?

    Just start clicking: click click click click click click click click click…. at the beginning you will dig a sand with a shovel, but don’t worry: soon somebody will be doing that FOR YOU! Isn’t that funny?
    Are you a master of procrastination? Are you too lazy to flap your birds or add numbers to get 2048? You want to be Mining Master of the Universe but actually you are His Laziness King of Sloths? Easy peasy lemon squeezy! Just start clicking and then make yourself a sandwich or watch some TV or take a nap… and conquer the whole universe with the power of your click and your laziness.
    How to play? It’s simple:
    – you go click click click tap tap tap click click click – on this huge button on the screen
    – dig some sand with the shovel then some stones and gems and other things – with bigger shovel, and even bigger and bigger and then with some pickaxe and some mining robots
    – all to get more money, and then more and more and more and MORE
    – to buy even better robots and better machines and digg even harder, better, faster and stronger!
    Keep clicking for a chance to find precious artifacts
    Improve your machinery by buying endless upgrades
    Spend your every idle moment on this exciting entertaining super incremental fun.
    Why this game is so stupid:
    – no it is not!
    – It will teach you how important is passive income, and how to make wise investments and how to build huge interstellar company.
    – it is pretty good finger-fitness
    – you can experience the great pleasure of being idle and mining!
    – you can play while walking, jogging and taking your productivity to zero.
    – and it is fun. Believe me – it is fun.

    Important note:
    At any point in the game, you can “Delete data” and start over. Depending on how much money you have at this point, you will get some “transcendence points” that will increase your power in future games. These points are cumulative, so you can start over many times, each time gaining more and more power.

    Link to Google Play Store:

    Requires Android: Varies with device
    Available for Android.
    I recommend you to download this new and awesome game.

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