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[FREE] Envii

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    We have introduced a cool app Envii
    [IMG][/IMG] [IMG][/IMG]
    Do you remember that feeling of seeing the presents under the christmas tree?

    You guessed what they were, you shook them around as the anticipation filled you with excitement.

    Envii emulates that feeling by allowing you to capture moments, wrap them with an abstracted filter of this image and secret teaser title.
    HOW IT WORKS: Capture, hide, lock, message, uncover
    1.) Take a photo, video or use existing content
    2.) Wrap your Envii in a abstracted filter of the image you want to send. Sort of like gift wrapping for suprises
    3.) Add either a Time, Location or Popularity lock that will hide your Envii, multiple locks can be used
    4.) Add a teaser message to create curiosity in what this Envii is, and post to public or privately to friends
    5.) Unlock Messages and get rewarded for unlocking other messages
    Type of ENVII LOCKS:
    1.) Time Lock : Send moments into the future, only to be unlocked at certain time/date
    2.) Geo Lock : Lock moments to particular areas, encourage others to visit areas or be notified when in certain locations
    3.) Popularity Lock : Lock secrets or content by the number of stars it receives
    Your REWARD : The more Envii’s you create, unlock, get unlocked, the more points and keys you receive. This will provide you access to certain features and also privileges
    This application is still in BETA and would appreciate if everyone uses the Send Feedback button in the App so our
    developers can fix the issue rather than leaving us a negative feedback.
    Link to Google Play Store:

    Requirements: 2.3 and up
    Available for Android.
    I recommend you to download this new and awesome app.

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