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Elephone 2000 VS Xiaomi Redmi note

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    Elephone P2000 VS Xiaomi Redmi note

    Elephone just released P2000 on July 17th. It’s time to change my phone and I don’t want to spend a fortune on it. I did some research on Chinese phones. Redmi note is on my wish list, because the combination of high configuration and favorable price made itself unbeatable. There were so many people wanting it but the quantity is limited and it’s not available in some countries. And now Elephone P2000 is released and it blown my mind. It not only has all the great configurations those Redmi note has but more functions I didn’t expect on any 200 dollar phones.
    The dimensions of both phones are similar, but P2000 is lighter. Even both of them have plastic all around. I definitely felt the difference when I’m holding these two phones. Redmi note becomes slick after using it for a while because of hand residue. P2000, on the other hand, feels soft and comfortable. There are three colors, Black White and Yellow. I bought the yellow one and I love it.
    P2000 is packed with the latest Android Kitkat Furthermore. According to Elephone, there will be customized MIUI too and I’m really looking forward to it. Because there are thousands of themes in MIUI, and fun features.
    Take a look at the comparison chart below. P2000 has fingerprint scanner and NFC. You can do lots of things by using NFC, you can pay parking & metro, sign and use wireless charge. Since there is a fingerprint scanner, it’s safe. If you like selfie, a 8 MP front camera would do a better job than 5MP does. If you like games, 2G RAM and 16 ROM make it faster and have larger storage. Besides, P2000’s storage expansion is up to 128GB. You can pretty much have every game you want.
    I’m still excited about my P2000. It runs huge games smoothly. I bought an extra battery, so I can push it to the limit without worrying about the power consumption.



    nice quick review

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