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    I’d recommend this site, with a small disclaimer. Their free shipping is very very slow. But I guess that’s an issue with every other seller who uses Air China to ship. Another thing you should take into consideration is that their customer service is ok by Chinese standards, but horrible by international ones. If the above mentioned things don’t bother you, than it’s a good place to find Chinese Droid devices on sale. Check their deal page every couple of days and you might end up with a great bargain.



    There are much better (and cheaper) stores than DX. In addition, they take AGES to ship their products so I don’t recommend them unless you have a lot of time in your hands.

    Here are some other similar Chinese stores that also have free shipping (with tracking numbers) and that usually have many promotions on tablets and phones:

    And then you have stores like, and that are somehow similar to eBay.



    How do they compare to I’ve been hearing about this site and I’m about to place an order.



    i like pandawill and dx.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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