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Doogee Valencia Y100 Pro Review

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    Doogee is a small Chinese manufacturer that tries to stay in the game by producing nice cheap smartphones that have some decent specs. As usual, we do not judge the device by its mere looks and the sheer specs and this time around we are looking at the Doogee Valencia Y100 Pro in our full review.Doogee Valencia Y100 Pro Review: VIDEO

    Doogee Valencia Y100 Pro Review: UNBOXING


    The 13MP shooter of this device is said to have a Sony sensor. However, I wasn’t impressed by the camera. The images looked okay on the phone’s screen but once you look at them on the computer… Well, the images lack in details, there is a lot of noise and the dynamic range is completely off but most importantly most of the images just look blurry meaning that the camera can’t focus properly.
    What I’ve noticed is that the camera sensor is making some strange noises when it in operation mode and it leads me to believe that I may have a faulty review unit. Nevertheless, this is my experience after using a device for more than a week.
    The 720p video quality is not great either. It lacks in details, auto-exposure is bad, contrast levels are off, the focus seems to be wobbling and making the whole footage look shaky (Please see the video review to see the 720p video sample).
    Download full-res camera samples

    Doogee Valencia Y100 Pro Review: CONNECTIVITY

    I have no complaints in the connectivity department. The call quality is far from the best but it’s ok. Other connectivity options work fine and even GPS lock speeds are fast but the accuracy is not on par with the Snapdragon chips.

    Doogee Valencia Y100 Pro Review: BATTERY LIFE

    The 2200mAh battery does not impress neither on paper nor in reality. You may get up to 3.5 hours of screen-on time on a light use. However, the heavy use will let you enjoy just over 2 hours of screen on time.

    Doogee Valencia Y100 Pro Review: CONCLUSIONS

    So here it is, the Doogee Valencia Y100 Pro. It has a great design and build quality, and it is comfortable to hold it in your hand.
    The screen quality is pretty good, the UI is working fine with just a few minor shortcomings like accidental pocket touches that turn on some of the on-screen gestures.
    The performance is not great but you can still enjoy gaming… of course, not on the highest level as the graphics don’t look stunning.
    However, the camera performance is a huge let down. I mean, you cannot expect a lot from a budget phone but it can be much better. Again, I may have a faulty unit since the sensor is making some strange noises while in operation mode, but that’s the only review unit I have.
    Another let down is a battery. Well, it will get you through the day if you are a very light user but it will disappoint you if you are using your phone as the main multimedia device.
    All in all, Doogee managed to make a good looking phone with great UI performance and a decent display. However, all of these advantages come at the expense of the poor camera and and below average battery performance.
    Buy Doogee Y100 Pro for $119.99


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