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Do You Use Live Wallpapers?

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    Live Wallpapers are cool to look at. When I first got my Android phone, I was always looking for live wallpapers that I could use and show off to my friends. As time passed by though, I noticed that live wallpapers also drain the battery a lot faster. This prompted me to not use them anymore. I now only use still pictures as my wallpaper. Do you still use live wallpapers?



    I like them too… But as you said they drain a lot of battery… That’s why I am using light live wallpaper that doesn’t kill your battery. I have found some of them on android market.



    I usually use Live Wallpapers but they drain a lot of battery and that`s a big disadvantage for me. Of course they look cool, but I have to say pass.



    Nope, not in any of my devices. Even my PC. haha. Its just too distracting… i mean, peripheral view, if the wallpaper moves, it looks like your phone just displayed an alert.



    I used live wallpapers when I first got my phone. I had one in place just to look at it because it’s pretty. After a few days, I realized it was severely draining my battery. I set my background black instead and it has increased by battery life by a significant amount. It’s probably one of the easiest ways to conserve battery life other than switching off Wifi and Bluetooth.



    I used to use one but switched to a beautiful patterned picture for the battery benefits. I don’t find myself looking at the home screen a lot anyway so it was really a waste.



    I like Live Wallpapers but they drain the battery faster. Even though they look cool, I don’t use them.



    My Galaxy Nexus seems to have a great battery life, so I use Live Wallpapers. Even with one, my battery will last upwards of 3+ days!



    They’re fun to look at at first. But then it gets boring. There are other interactive live wallpaper apps like Photile. But it just drains your battery more than a normal live wallpaper would.



    I don’t use live wallpapers because they are just a gimmick and offer little productivity for the user. Besides, they simply drain the battery completely even before a day’s usage. It’s not worth it unless we are going to put our phone on display and want to attract visitors to check it out!



    I personally neither use live wallpapers nor I recommend anyone to use them on their Android devices.

    Live Wallpapers occupy too much of system memory and processing capabilities of a processor due to which it reduces the overall device performance and the battery life of our device. For me, I need an Android mobile phone whose battery lasts more than a day which is only possible if I don’t use a live wallpaper.

Viewing 11 posts - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)

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