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Cheapest cubot quad core phone: Cubot S308 VS Cubot S222 review

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    Recently, Cubot company are still busy with introducing the new smartphones for its users, and as the friendly business partner of Cubot company, we also bring in the good news about new arrival of Cubot smartphone. That’s [size=medium]Cubot S222[/size], which is available in our store now at [size=medium]$149.99[/size]. Another upcoming [size=medium]Cubot S308[/size] also got eye-catching among different kinds of customers. Why are most consumers interested in them? And which one do you like better? Let’s just make an overall comparison between them!

    [size=medium]Hardware: Cubot S222 vs Cubot S308[/size]

    Hardware of a good smartphone is the main standard we measure. Cubot S222 is powered by MTK6582 Quad core 1.3GBz, the same as that of Cubot S308. Quad core chipeset can absolutely beat dual core chipset, referring to twice faster speed than that of dual core smartphone.Therefore, doing multi-tasking, playing games, watch videos or other application can show its power than those dual core smartphones. In addition, Cubot S222 has internal memory of 1gb ram and 16gb rom, which is lower than Cubot s308 with RAM 2GB ROM 16GB, as we know, the higher RAM is, the faster speed can present and the more files you can store.

    Cubot S222 Hardware:

    Cubot S308 Hardware:

    [size=medium]Display: Cubot S222 vs Cubot S308[/size]

    From the screen size, Cubot S222 sports 5.5inch HD Screen, larger than Cubot S308 with 5inch 720P Screen,they have the same screen resolution with 1280*720pixels,but different screen size, so it’s up to your personal interest about the ideal screen size. If you love the larger screen size like 5.5inch as your best phablet, Cubot S222 is the one you are looking for, or wait for Cubot S308. By the way, they both can support 1080p video playing. You can enjoy the vivid and clear-cut screen from them.

    Cubot S222 Display:

    Cubot S308 Display:

    [size=medium]Camera: Cubot S222 vs Cubot S308[/size]

    I receive some advice about taking a deep video review about a smartphone’s dual camera, which can let us know the real pictures quality about a smartphone. We will improve that. In general, the higher pixels of a smartphone refers to the more clear pictures. Cubot S222 has 13.0MP Back Camera, same as that of Cubot S308, but Cubot S222 enjoys so high pixels about Front Camera with 8.0MP, totally defeating Cubot s308 with 5.0 mega-pixel. So it’s easy for you to make a wise choice.

    Cubot S222 Camera:

    Cubot S308 Camera:

    [size=medium]Battery: Cubot S222 vs Cubot S308[/size]

    It’s good to see Cubot S222 is built in 2350mAh battery, which has longer standby time than Cubot S308 with only 1800mAh battery. If you really care about the battery to affect your using time in life or work, i advise you should choose a phone with stronger battery. Thus you can use your phone longer, and reduce the charging times.

    Cubot S222 Battery:

    Cubot S308 Battery:

    Application: Cubot S222 vs Cubot S308

    As for some practical and useful communications tools or APPs like GPS, Bluetooth, Language setting, Google Play Store, or dual SIM, dual standby and so on, there is no need to worry that they belongs the same brand, and different models, but they both can provide you with the Apps we mention. You can download the sofewares, e-books,videos or others from Google play store which supports more than 700,000 apps downloading. Check what you want from this two smartphones

    Cubot S222 Application:

    Cubot S308 Application:


    According to the main comparison of Cubot S222 and Cubot S308, we believe you have a good knowledge about them. Whether their performance, quality, or price, you can choose one you like better. Any feedback will be highly appreciated. We like to share and solve.
    Get moving from 1949deal now!

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