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Armies of Riddle (By Game Scropion Inc.)

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    We are launching our cool new game Armies of Riddle very soon on android and iOS.
    [IMG] 106[/IMG] [IMG] 219[/IMG]
    Here is a brief description of the game:
    Armies of Riddle is a Fantasy Battle game set in an Alien world called Riddle which is similar to our own planet Earth, but with many creatures and other beings. In the game, players battle to defeat their opponent crystal shard.
    Armies of Riddle will feature full 3D graphics and storyline and unique gameplay that will allow players to get right into the action of the game. The first step we plan on is releasing a basic single player/multiplayer game with quests, and then as the game evolves over time, bringing out new features and enhancements.
    Check this cool video to get a quick demo of the game:
    Link to our website forum:

    Stay tuned and share!!

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