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Alibaba looking to acquire JiaYu

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    Alibaba have been taking steps to enter the Chinese phone market with its own phones and OS for some time, rumours now claim the E-commerce giant is planning to buy a Chinese phone manufacturer and it could be JiaYu!

    Alibaba are the E-commerce giants which own the Alibaba sourcing platform and Chinese answer to E-bay, Taobao. The company have also shown interest in China’s growing phone market too and have launched a number of own branded phones along with teaming up with Taiwanese phone maker Acer.

    Alibaba phones all run a custom version of Android named Aliyun which features the companies own apps and has access to Alibaba’s cloud network.

    While there have been a number of attempts, Aliyun Alibaba Android phones haven’t really taken off here in China, so another approach is being contemplated, the acquisition of a Chinese smartphone maker!

    Although unconfirmed by the company, sources are claiming that Alibaba could be eyeing up Chinese phone maker JiaYu. JiaYu shot to fame last year with the launch of the JiaYu G3, a dual-core HD phone with a very low price tag, the next generation G4 is expected next month with quad-core CPU, 2GB RAM and 13 mega-pixel camera.


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