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Air Scan : Network Watch

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    Air Scan : Network Watch
    Air Scan is an intelligent network utility app which makes your wireless networks smart. Find out all devices connected to your network from the comfort of your mobile phone.

    Air Scan can be used to assess your network security, detect and discover devices connected to your network, monitor network activity, perform network surveillance and assess network quality.

    + Discover all devices connected to any WiFi network irrespective of manufacturer.
    + Unlimited network scans and device discovery.
    + MAC Address, OS and device manufacturer information.
    + Identify unwanted devices connected to the network.
    + Tag device owners and make a phone call or email them directly.
    + Customize your devices, with names, icons and users.
    + Displays Network names assigned to a device via NetBios.
    + Measure network quality via Latency and Packet loss.
    + Search your device list by IP, MAC, Name and Vendor.
    + Service Scan: Scan open ports on remote devices.
    + Wake On LAN: Power your devices on/off from your mobile phone.

    Link to Download:

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