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4.3 inch IPS screen the water-resistent mobile phone Runbo X5 evaluation

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    Attachment: professional software test 1
    AnTuTu (Super Rabbit)
    Super rabbit system evaluation AnTuTu Benchmark is a special software for Android phone system, Tablet PC hardware, the key can run a full test project,through memory performance, CPU integer performance, CPU floating point performance, 2D, 3D graphics performance , a number of database I / O, SD card read, write speed performance test, the phone’s overall and individual performance of the hardware to make score. Upload your score and see the equipment in the world rankings.

    The reason why put AnTuTu score on first is because it is not only to show the comprehensive strength of the hardware, but also providing a subdivision of the results, you can cross-reference.The computing power of the CPU integer / floating-point performance on behalf of the processor, 2D/3D graphics performance graphics processing chip image rendering capabilities, database I / O performance of the processor and RAM on the database access efficiency, SD card write / read speed that can read and write capabilities of the phone ROM. Theoretically the higher score, the performance is more stronger.
    Quadrant Advanced Edition
    Quadrant is by Aurora Softworks companies development, it’s a veteran of the mobile device performance testing tool, it tests covering 12 CPU test and a memory test, four I / O test, the one 2D graphics test,three of 3D graphics test, and final feedback comprehensive results of a test equipment. No equipment GPU unit device can not run the software. Theoretically, the higher score, the representative of the overall performance of the test equipment hardware is more stronger.


    The Quadrant total including Standard, Advanced, Professional three versions, Advanced Version not only supply the final test results, but also provide offline browser and advanced settings. Professional and Advanced there is no difference in functionality, We choose the test: Quadrant Advanced Edition.

    Vellamo is a benchmark application developed by Qualcomm (similar Neocore), it allows you to test the performance and stability of the mobile browser, like Java script performance, rendering, networking and user interface. The tool also includes a plurality of sub-items, but we just take the total score, the higher score indicates a higher degree of optimization phone browser, the Web browsing experience is more better.
    Neocore is an OpenGL-ES 1.1 graphics performance benchmark software.When the software open,it will Play an animation,at the end of animation, the software will be assessed, and draw a FPS value. The higher numerical value, it means the mobile phone hardware processing capabilities for dynamic image is more stronger. Accordingly, the higher screen resolution, the unit area required to render the more pixels, the graphics chip load is more greater. In other words, the same as the case of the graphics processing chip, the screen resolution is more higher,and Neocore value is more lower, both showed a shift in the relationship.
    Linpack have become the most popular in the international used to test the floating point performance of high-performance computer systems benchmark . Through the use of high-performance computers,using Gaussian elimination method for solving N times dense linear algebra equations test, floating point performance evaluation of high-performance computers. Relatively computer, the Android Mobile Linpack software is simplified, the latest version only contains single-threaded and multi-threaded two test. As the name suggests, the computing power of the processor more stronger, the score is more higher, dual-core or multi-core processors in the future advantage, to be reflected in the multi-threaded test part, the test results are given to the floating-point operations per second (Flops).

    NenaMark is a graphics processing power testing tools for Android smartphones, through a video Demo playback test phone graphics processing unit hardware acceleration capability. Which Nenamark1 applies to all running Android 2.x version of the system’s terminal; Nenamark2 equipment PowerVR SGX 540 and graphics chip high-end Android devices.

    Evaluation Summary:
    When talk about water-resistent mobile phone, maybe your concept is just a big protective rubber wrapped simple mobile phone, perhaps this Runbo X5 will allow you to completely change your mind;no matter appearance or functionality, Runbo X5 is absolutely the heavyweight of the water-resistent mobile phone, the mobile phones around protective material and powerful extensions functions are very practical for outdoor sports; Moreover, Runbo X5 is also worthy of the reputation of “smart”,it has dual-core 1GHz platform with Android 4.0 system.
    Advantages: 1, water-resistent,Dustproof android phone, walkie-talkie and smart phone features three-in-one
    2,4.3 inch large screen, WCDMA / GSM dual card dual standby function
    3, many life-saving functions designed for outdoor activities
    4,3800 mAh the oversized power battery to ensure life
    Disadvantages: size and weight more difficult for the average user to accept

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