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【New Arrival】Pre-Order EDIFIER MA1 WIFI Speaker

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    Hi, DroidChina friends,

    [size=large]Pre-Order: EDIFIER MA1 WIFI Speaker $ 67.99

    [size=large]Available on Pre-Order Stock due to arrive on January 29 2016[/size]

    1. WIFI speakers, can replace the Bluetooth speaker, also can put TF card into the speaker.
    2. High specification acoustic configuration, special boost digital power amplifier, to show the shock sound.
    3. Massive resources, preset channel, intelligent recommendation, enjoy it by your heart.
    4. Music + routing, WIFI expansion function, enjoy more freedom.
    5. Can be as a radio, with network, through the app to select all kinds of radio, listen to the country’s news, music, broadcast stories that you like.
    6. As a WIFI signal amplifier: WiFi in the bedroom, your phone do not have a signal in the toilet. How to do? Just put MA1 in the living room. When MA1 connect to network, mobile phone, iPad, computers and others can take it as a wireless network routers for use. WiFi signal become stronger!
    7. When connect the WIFI network, the speaker cache on auto-cache like songs, news and so on. Therefore, you still can listen to songs without WIFI network.

    [size=large]EDIFIER MA1 Intelligent Cloud Mini TF Card AUX Line-in Radio Wireless WIFI Signal Amplifier Speaker[/size]

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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