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Tutorial 7 Important GPS Tracking Device Benefits
02-Oct-2016, 07:04 PM
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7 Important GPS Tracking Device Benefits
There are many GPS tracking device benefits that are available to both businesses and consumers. Originally designed for military use, GPS tracking systems are now used in many ways to help business and consumers navigate and track in a variety of situations. Here are several important benefits that GPS systems offer:

1. Navigation

A GPS device can help with mapping out routes to unfamiliar destinations. It can also come in handy when a driver is lost. Both businesses and consumers can take advantage of this navigation feature to not only make it to their destinations, but to also save on gas and time through efficient planning. There is also an important safety feature to a GPS system. It helps a lost driver find his or her way and helps emergency workers in locating accident victims.

2. Tracking Individuals, Pets and Inventory

A GPS system can also help to keep track of people, pets, vehicles, equipment and inventory. One way to use these devices is to help keep track of the elderly and people with illnesses. For example, a GPS device can help keep track of Alzheimer's patients to make sure they do not get lost. These systems can also be effective for finding lost pets. A tracker on the pet's collar can keep track of and help find a missing dog or cat. Businesses can monitor their employees when they are out in the field. This is not only important for logistics, but also to make sure that employees are doing their jobs and not using company vehicles for personal use. The devices can also track inventory and equipment as it travels to its destination. This keeps both businesses and customers constantly informed about where inventory and purchases are at any time.

3. Help locate stolen items

A GPS device can also be used by law enforcement to help track down stolen vehicles and equipment. They may also serve as a deterrent to crime if would-be thieves know or suspect that there is a GPS system installed in a vehicle or other property.

4. Save on insurance

Many insurance companies will offer a discount on their insurance premiums when there is a GPS device installed in a vehicle. This discount, combined with saving on gas through efficient route planning, can result in a very big savings for drivers.

5. Save on Emergency Response Time

Ambulances and other emergency workers can find accident victims faster if they can pinpoint their exact location with ease. This could include auto accidents, fires and many other emergency situations.

6. Enjoy the Great Outdoors Safely

GPS devices can also be used to help navigate and track when out in the wilderness while hiking, fishing or camping. In cases of emergencies, it is easier to find a person or group of people stranded in the wilderness if they have a tracking system with them.

7. Surveying

GPS technology can also help make surveying easier by helping to define property lines and other precise points of reference.

As GPS technology keeps evolving, the GPS tracking device continues being used in more and more situations. The cost of the systems has gone down substantially so that the technology is now quite affordable for the average consumer as well as businesses of all sizes. These handy devices not only help to save substantial amounts of time and money, but also provide important intangible benefits such as safety that are hard to put a price tag on.
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