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Android stick, Linux edition (PC replacement)
09-Jun-2014, 01:07 AM
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Android stick, Linux edition (PC replacement)
Very good news for Linux enthusiasts!

If you ever tried to run Linux in your android TV box, chances are you were faced with complicated tutorials. If you are like most android users, you simply quit trying already.

The fact is Linux android sticks can easily be a viable replacement for regular-use desktop PCs, as well as acting like viable servers.

There are some vendors offering Linux mini PCs using regular android stick hardware. You will be delighted to get the outstanding out-of-the-box experience given by the "classic" software from the Linux ecosystem, easily installed from the official repositories straight to your TV box.

We are talking software such as GIMP for professional image editing, or LibreOffice for covering your document and spreadsheet needs. No need to try mobile or trimmed-version clones. They are the same fully-featured packages you can see in regular bulky PCs.

Offering pre-loaded Linux opens-up a whole array of possibilities for these affordable sticks. Some possible use cases are:

Using it as a web server running an industry-standard LAMP stack.

Using it as a file server, plugging-in an external USB drive (most sticks are equipped with USB ports, regular or OTG).

Deployment in Internet cafes can prove a boon too. The initial costs of acquiring 20 regular desktop computers versus 20 of these android sticks reveals a considerable contrast, with big savings on the android stick's side. A clear benefit for these start-ups.

Educational institutes can adopt them as a viable alternative to low-cost computers. In some countries, computer labs end up populated by sub-par old computers. Upgrading the computer lab with these sticks makes them a very cost-efficient choice.

It is most certain there are plenty of other exciting uses people will explore now there is an easy Linux pre-loaded choice for these devices. The capable under $100 desktop computer is finally here with us.

Another win for the android world!

Here's a direct URL to Cloudsto's mini linux pc store:
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